Rare Moorcroft Exhibition Vase returns to Stoke-on-Trent

Moorcroft2PotteriesAuctionsNearly 90 years after its manufacture a Rare Moorcroft Exhibition Vase returns to Stoke-on-Trent to be sold at Potteries Auctions new salerooms.

Potteries Auctions are proud to be offering this outstanding William Moorcroft Flambe Eventide Exhibition Vase with original silver plated stand and cover in our Auction on 25th April 2015. As far as we are aware a vase with these mounts has never been sold before, which makes this a rare and incredible opportunity.

This exceptional piece stands at an enormous 59cm high. It is signed by William Moorcroft himself and dated 1928, with an impressed made in England, Moorcroft stamp.

The vase is decorated in a beautiful Flambe Eventide design. It features trees all the way around the vase, and has an even colour. The flambe around the rim is exquisite, with a high-fired luster effect.

The impressive mounts are silver plated and were made in Hanley by the Duchess of Sutherland Silversmiths, also known as the Cripples Guild, under the guidance of Francis Arthur Edwards. The mounts are of extremely high quality, with impressive floral decoration, and would have been made around 1920.

A similar vase was photographed at the forefront of the 1926 White City exhibition in London, in the 1987 Moorcroft book by Paul Atterbury.