Stone Mayor Visits Academy

Stone Town mayer, Cllr Cathy Collier
Stone Town mayer, Cllr Cathy Collier visiting Christ Church Academy

The Stone Town Mayor and the Clerk to Stone Town Council visited Christ Church Academy on Thursday, February 26.

The visit was primarily arranged as a thank-you for accommodating the Year 6 pupils during the local democracy week last October. The Mayor and the Clerk were shown around the building by Year 7 School Council representatives Evelyn Barlow and Imogen Massey. The school hopes that this visit will be the first of many as Christ Church aims to strengthen its links with the community.

Principal C Wright said:

“It is important that children understand democracy and the role everyone plays within society. It was a terrific experience for the children to visit the Town Council, from which they further developed their knowledge and understanding of citizenship.”