A Barlaston Community Group Update


Some hardcore Wombling took place in Barlaston on the 29th March and around 10 bags were collected from the Downs car park, Longton Road, Blurton Road and Queen Marys Drive. Despite the driving rain dedicated Womblers gave up that extra hour in bed to clear the streets and experience the pleasure of looking back on a beautiful unspoilt country scene…. (well, hopefully for a few more weeks anyway!) Huge thanks to everybody, including a couple of people who had not adjusted their clocks and turned up at 11, just in time for tea & cake! Womblers inspire such dedication that a sick member struggled out of bed to collect a bag to fill when he had recovered! The morning ended with a real feeling of accomplishment and a cuppa under the eaves of the Village Hall.
The next Womble will be on Friday 8th May 10am for the Stafford Borough Council’s Community Clean up initiative. If anyone would like to join us please meet at the Plume of Feathers Car Park, just before 10 o’clock.

On 4th April Becky Wilshaw and Michala Black chatted with shoppers in Orchard Place on Saturday morning in an attempt to spread the word about the Barlaston Community Group. Everybody was very friendly and a couple more residents were recruited to the Womblers – although this could have been due to bribery with Becky’s delicious Easter cakes being given away!

11th April saw the introduction of the first of the Barlaston Film Nights. The 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was shown at the Barlaston Village Hall and it was a sell-out performance – 120 local people packed the hall. There were a lot of positive comments after the performance as well as some learning points for the next time – mainly to make sure the white wine arrived on time (!) and to bring your own cushion! We are already looking for ideas for the next film – if you have any suggestions, please let us know.
Barlaston has once again entered the Best Kept Village (BKV) competition for 2015. We are therefore appealing to everyone who lives, works or visits Barlaston to help keep all public and private areas tidy and litter-free. We will need volunteers to litter-pick, clean phone-boxes, paint bollards and bus-shelters, water and tidy flowerbeds throughout the area over the Spring and Summer.

Everyone can do their bit to support this venture by keeping the area around your house tidy and litter free. We would also appeal to the shops and pubs in Barlaston to keep the outside of their properties as clean and tidy as they are on the inside – please help by sweeping up frontages and car-parks on a regular basis – Thank you for your co-operation!
Barlaston Parish Council Speedwatch Scheme

The 2014 Neighbourhood Plan questionnaires have been analysed and traffic through the village is a significant issue. Speeding vehicles, the passage of HGVs ignoring the 7.5 weight limit were common concerns, along with narrow pavements and poor road surfaces. Barlaston Parish Council needs volunteers to gather evidence that will then influence the Staffordshire Highways team to introduce suitable measures to reduce these problems.

If you want to make the roads safer and better in Barlaston and are willing to give an hour or two every fortnight, then please contact Neil Hemmings (Parish Clerk) via Facebook, email neil_hemmings25@yahoo.co.uk or mobile 07855 347761.