Come blow your horn at the New Renaissance Brass Ensemble

Players are needed to provide a breath of fresh air in the local music scene.

This metaphor is apposite because we will be playing renaissance music on trombones and trumpets and because the term renaissance means rebirth, denoting a period in history when there was a resurgence of interest in culture.
We are looking for trombone and trumpet or cornet players to join us in a small ensemble which will play music from this era, featuring wonderful compositions from the quills of such luminaries as Gabrieli and Palestrina along with that of some less familiar names.

We are looking for people who will be driven by their love of this music. People who will take the music seriously and strive to create the best possible performance however simple the music may seem.
The standard will not be demanding but participants will need to be enthusiastic and committed. We do not need virtuoso players, just musicians! (Virtuosos will of course be welcome as long as they do as they’re told.)
There will be no pressure. This will be an amateur group whose aim is to enjoy making music in ensemble and perhaps to give the occasional concert.

Concerts, we hope, would be in support of the local community, for example, at fundraising events, church flower festivals, charitable or social events and so on.

Music will be provided and there will be no fees unless we have to pay for a venue, in which case we would expect people to dig down into their cod-pieces (no safer place to keep one’s cash!) and share the cost.

Practice times etc. to be clarified later together with practice venue. If you need more information please phone John on 01785 817 216.