Stone Floating Market is being held on the canal towpath above Lime Kiln Lock 30 bridge Friday 24th – Sunday 26th April 10am to 6pm each day. All welcome.

Stone is hosting one of a series of floating markets in April as lots of roving traders convene here selling their goods. The Roving Canal Traders Association says “as pop up shops are very popular at the moment we thought we’d join in with float up shops”. These shops are exactly that; the traders cruise or float along the canal, find a good mooring spot & literally opens up her shop aboard their narrowboats. The floating market first came to Stone last year & it was such a success that the traders are back this year. Over the weekend of 24-26 April they are all getting together in the same spot above the top lock at Stone and would make a perfect family day out



Traders include

The Grand Rosette Company is owned by Mark Evans & Justina Bendelow aborad nb Marmite producing high quality, affordable, handmade rosettes for kinds of celebrations and school / sports club events….with either standard centres or full colour metal badge type ones as well as ribbon plates and printed mugs

Reverie is aboard nb Mr Jingles owned by Keri Leigh Poxon selling Hand made scented soya wax candles and other unique gifts which the make aboard as they go! They specialise in working with metal in what some will call a steam punk style!

Eyecatchers is aboard nb Norfolk Belle & owned by Angela Denham selling Ecover products including refills,hand knitted garments for 0 to 1 year olds, hats and wristwarmers for children and adults and hand made jewellery using beads. All hand made items are reasonably priced.

Tea Junction is owned by Tracey & Ray Arbon & provides a very welcoming respite alongside delicious snacks hot & cold food. Tracey’s Chocolate Guinness cake is a speciality & a must to be sampled.

Jays 4 jewellery soap and crafts aboard nb ‘Half a Shilling’ is owned by Jackie & Mick Warren. All our products are hand made and we take pride in the quality of items that we make and sell. Amongst our products you will find Jewellery-Soap-Aromatherapy Soya Candles-Dream Catchers-Wind chimes-Window Crystals-Decorative Rope work & Leather work. We are also agents for Miracle Leisure Products, stocking their Brass Mate/Bright/Gel and to compliment this we are make our own Tiller pins for boaters.

Crafts from Morgana aboard nb ‘Morgana Le Fey’ is owned by Lesley and Ray Jordan. Selling crocheted and knitted goods, handmade jewellery, patchwork items, rag rugs, fabric scarves, felt, embroidery threads and beads. Plus a limited supply of herb and flower plants and secondhand books


The Home Brew Boat aboard nb ‘Areandare’ is owned by Barry Teutenberg and Sandra Walsh travels the waterways promotes home/boat brewing of beer, wine and spirits. Barry sells all the start-up kits and products needed to make your own alcohol, and has plenty of advice and tips to get you under way. Brewing kits have come a long way over the last few years guaranteeing great results every time by simply following the straight forward step by step instructions.

Home brewing is a great hobby and a lot of fun, plus it will save you a bundle of cash!

nb ‘Witchcraft’ is owned by Jennie & Bill de Leie. Selling crochet items, cross stitch items, braided necklaces,chutneys and some bric a brac.

Nb ‘Here Be Dragons’ is owned by Kit Acott & Mike Byrne selling books, back cabin brass and china, medicinal herbs plants and a range of Essential Oils, Incense and Apothecary Supplies. Herbalist Kit Acott also guides herb identification walks along the towpath and runs workshops in her traditional style narrowboat back cabin.

The Art Boat aboard nb’Tonka’ is owned by Jan Vallance selling mostly small format art, cards, and small gifts/souvenirs such as badges and fridge magnets. Jan paints portraits by commission, (human and pet!) Jan is inspired by her surroundings, and like to work on projects that explore different aspects of a subject….such as her Sheep Painting a Day series, which includes landscapes, portraits and narrative paintings. Jan lives and works on the canals and that is the inspiration for her next project. Jan has already started the first paintings in the series, and unlike her tiny 2.5″ x 3.5″ sheep paintings they will include a variety of sizes and materials. They will all have one thing in common though – our glorious waterways.

Stone Floating Market is being held on the canal towpath above Lime Kiln Lock 30 bridge Friday 24th – Sunday 26th April 10am to 6pm each day. All welcome.

Stone-PosterAll the markets are organised by the Roving Canal Traders Association (RCTA) and their full markets schedule can be found on their facebook page at