Bring out the mad scientist in your children!


Mad Science run children’s educational entertainment programmes for children aged 5-13 years old.

They are running a Summer Holiday Camp at Denstone Prep School this Summer. The dates for this camp will be from Monday 20th July to Friday 24th July, 8:30am – 4:00pm (Drop off– 8:30am-9:30am / Pick up- 3:00pm 4:00pm)

Cost = £30 per day. Please bring along some Snacks & Lunch

For further information please contact us on  01926 429875



They will be running 4 different themed days with loads of fun and engaging experiments for the children to participate in.
Monday 20th July – Ooey Gooey
The Mad Science slime recipe is revealed in this ooey gooey chemistry day! Children will learn about slime and its basic
ingredients in a series of hands-on activities. Varied concoctions of slime will stir up in scientific style, and the properties
of slime will be tested in a team-spirited fashion at the Slime Olympics! This Day is Messy Fun! You also get to take your
own Slime home with you!

Tuesday 21st July – Crazy Chemistry
Ever wondered how you make Ice Cream?! Well in our Crazy Chemistry day you will not only get to make your own Ice Cream
and eat it! But you will get to create the craziest of concoctions such as
Water Fizzers! Giant chalk! Tongue Fizzy Bombs! Plus lots more!

Wednesday 22nd July – Shipwrecked
Ah Hoy Mateys! Jump aboard the Mad Science Pirate Ship as we discover the wonders of the 7 seas! This day puts children
on a deserted island, which they must work out a way back home! Children will take part in our crazy experiments such as, an
Explosive treasure hunt, Shelter building, distilling water, taking part in our “Build a Boat” Challenge, mini ship races plus
loads more!

Thursday 23rd July – Explore Explosions!
Boom! Pop! Bang! Explore Explosions is a day jam packed full of exciting chemistry experiments that go KABOOM! Join us in
our most popular day as Children will learn about PH factors, What makes the messiest explosions? Which make the
smelliest Explosions!? Mad scientists will use this day to study chemical reactions in depth, learning crazy things you would
never learn in school!

Friday 24th July – Da Vinci Code!
Da Vinci Code Day is a fantastic camp day for your budding Scientists! Children will look at secret coding, Life Size Fort
Building, Giant Catapult launch games, experimenting with optical illusion pictures plus lots more!