Chance to have say on development boundaries

The launch of a major consultation to decide where new development should go in Stafford Borough is now underway.

Residents and businesses across the area are being asked to comment on proposed boundaries which will decide where new housing, employment and retail development takes place in Stone, Stafford and the key service villages around the borough in the future.

People will have until the middle of July to give their comments before the council puts forward final boundary proposals later this year.

Last year the Borough Council had its local plan adopted after being rubber stamped by the Government following a public hearing. This specified numbers of homes as well as the scale of retail or employment land that the borough would take.

Now this new consultation provides detailed boundaries to show the areas where development can and cannot happen.

As part of the consultation exercise the council are also proposing a new charge on future developments, called the Community Infrastructure Levy, to provide new roads, schools and leisure facilities.

People can comment by viewing the planning documents online at The documents can also be viewed at libraries and the Civic Centre – where people can also make comments.

The latest plans were drawn up following an information gathering exercise concerning a number of sites put forward by landowners and developers. A number of areas were ruled out following this exercise including proposed development in the Greenbelt and ‘areas of outstanding natural beauty’ (AONB).

Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, Frances Beatty, said:

“The Council needs the input of local people about where new development should go. All these views will be taken into consideration before the boundaries are decided. I would urge everyone who lives or works in the Borough to take the opportunity to give their views.”


For further enquiries please contact the Forward Planning Team or 01785 619000

The closing date for comments is 12 noon on Wednesday July 15.