Voluntary Car Scheme comes to Fulford


Supported by the Parish Council and the County Council, a Voluntary Car Scheme is starting in Fulford Parish. This service will be operated by a team of volunteers from the Parish.

The service will be available to anyone who lives in the Parish who is unable to access public transport, or needs to get to an appointment that cannot be met using public transport. The scheme will initially be aimed at medical and pre-arranged appointments.

All journeys will need to be pre-booked (minimum of 48 hours notice), the drivers will collect the passenger from their home and take them to their destination with a return journey if required. A small fee to cover the journey will be payable to the driver.

The drivers are all volunteers who use their own cars and do not charge for their time. Their expenses are paid based on the mileage as a contribution towards their running costs.

The service is planned to start from 1st July and if anyone is interested in finding out more and/or would like to be involved, please see the Parish Newsletter and website www.fulford-parish-council.org for details.