Jazz in Stone will hold it’s final gig – 24th August

After 16 years of promoting live music, Jazz in Stone will hold it’s final gig at the Red Lion, High Street on Monday 24th August. Over the years the organisation has given a platform to world-class Jazz musicians from all over the West Midlands and the North West. Unfortunately, after various changes of venue over the years and changes in styles of Jazz presented, audiences have diminshed and it is no longer financially viable to carry on. Andy Burdon, originator of Jazz in Stone in 1999 said

“Whilst the calibre of music has been maintained over the years, and we have given exposure to many up-and-coming young jazz musicians, it seems that there are very few jazz music fans in the area to help sustain this vital platform for some of the best in live music. We thank all those who have helped in organising bands and the venues for providing spaces to play, all the musicians, and not least those regulars who have come out every Monday night for many years, but there are now too few of you to continue”.

The final gig will feature award-winning vocalist Carole Westwood and her Band and mucic will start at 9.00 p.m.