Learning Latin, at Yarlet


Yarlet pupils enjoy learning Latin from form 5 onwards and this year for the first time entered a Minimus Mythology competition based on two myths: Romulus and Remus and Echo and Narcissus.

“We were delighted to receive the following prizes as it is a national and international competition for all pupils using Barbara Bell’s (M.B.E.) Minimus books.”

Seven pupils won runner up prizes for their Art work with clay sculptures, collages and a hand puppet. The runners up are: Edward Cartwright, Sam Archer, Jessica Cartmail, Grace Darby, Fraser Lloyd, Henar Garcia and Joseph Shaw. Two pupils won individual prizes in the creative writing category: Abigael Pointon for her beautifully constructed play and Joseph Shaw for his witty diary written from the goddess Hera’s point of view.

Pupils are keen to enter the competition again next year!