Sailing Sessions at Rudyard Lake

The group from the sailing sessions
The group from the sailing sessions

An excited group of students from Primary 6 to Yr 8 have attended Rudyard Lake Sailing Club for five sailing sessions supported by the ‘This Girl Can’ project.
The fourth session saw them whizzing across the lake at speed in great sailing conditions especially with their growing confidece, although there were still a few squeals!
They have all achieved their Level 1 Sailing qualification and started on some of Level 2. This included rigging, launching and recovery, steering, parts of the boat, basic sailing, ropework, collision avoidance, towing, the ability to tack and control boat speed, get out of irons and an introduction to jibing.
The final session saw them join the Sailing Club Jybaz Youth Session on Sunday morning with a number of parents and families taking the opportunity to try out sailing too