Decidedly exotic patients for Shires


Kasoumi and Tanouki from Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre in Eccleshall came in to see us today at Shires Veterinary Practice.

They are Raccoon dog sisters and are not intended for breeding so were neutered. We used the latest keyhole (or laparoscopic) technique so that they felt minimal pain and could be returned to their normal environment as soon as possible. We would have struggled to remove stitches because they can be quite feisty so the keyhole technique was ideal – no stitches!

ED. I’m perfectly sure these are make pets but – Raccoon dogs don’t bark, don’t wag their tail, don’t get over a fence of a meter or higher,don’t crave for attention, will eat almost anything, sleep most of the day, don’t have to be kept inside at any time, summer or winter (provided there’s a dry place to sleep) and choose a fixed place as latrine, which is convenient for cleaning up. Give me a black lab any day!