Domesday came – and went


It was Domesday in Stone on August 6th – or rather the late evening of the 6th, as a somewhat disturbing troupe of Morris men (and ladies) descended from Penkhull to entertain Stone’s pub goers.
Only two years old, and controversially made up of men and ladies together, the Domesday Morris have eschewed the traditional (cricket) whites for woodland “foliage” looking decidedly like camouflage, and compounded by them blacking – again camouflage style.
Add to this the enthusiasm and energy – not to mention the odd whoop – and what you had was a thoroughly unmissable performance that 99.9% of the people of Stone missed. A little publicity would have gone a long, long way – it was like winking in the dark – such a shame when we need all the entertainment we can get these days!

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