October 1st is the big boiler switch on – when much the UK turns on their heating for the first time since last winter.

With risks of the coldest winter in 50 years with the El Nino confirmed, it is never more critical to ensure your boiler is in working order.

Please keep an eye on vulnerable pensioners during this coming winter.

There are a few tips below.


– Have a boiler service to ensure your heating is in good shape for the winter.

– Heating bills will start to rise so ensure you have thought about insulation for the winter.

– Install a smart thermostat to manage your winter heating bills.

– If your boiler is on its last legs, consider installing a new one. It can save you £300 a year in your heating bills and many companies offer monthly payment plans.

– Install a carbon monoxide monitor ready for your boiler being switched on for the first time in months.

– Remember to check on vulnerable neighbours as the weather turns.