Beautiful African embroidered and beadwork comes to Stone – 26th September


A self-help group of women in a remote part of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa produce outstanding and useful embroidered and beadwork. We are very pleased to offer this work for viewing and sale in Stone on Saturday, 26th September.

The 400 women, who make up this group, called Fancy Stitch, are artistically very talented and use these talents to support their families. The women struggle every day to feed and clothe their children and to send them to school. The sale of these products are a life-line for the families. ALL the money made at the sale goes directly to the ladies in Kwa-Zulu, Natal.

This part of South Africa did not receive the summer rainfall it needs. The women and their families are now also in a desperate situation as regards their water supply. Only 2% of households have running water and everyone else has to walk to fetch their water. The drought means that natural dams, springs and boreholes are drying up and failing. We will be using money raised at the sale to buy water tanks – these harvest water from house guttering and when the rains fail can be filled by government water tankers.

Large embroidered pictures, cards, photoframes, kindle covers, bookmarks, linen bags etc as well as superb beaded animals, will be on display and able to be bought at the Stone sale. All these make much appreciated gifts and are unusual decorative features in any home. Goods are available at a wide range of prices and to suit all purses, from pocket money upwards.

The sale starts at 12.00 at Stone Station. Light refreshments will also be available. Informative and colourful presentations on the way of life of the women who made the products, in rural South Africa, will be given at 12.45 and 2.30pm.

We look forward to welcoming you to the sale and for more information on our charity please see