Stones Gary is a new man!

image002-1 image001Gary, 52, lost 6 stone with LighterLife after his GP insisted he start taking medication to tackle his high blood pressure at just 47.

Since losing weight he avoided any form of medication, gained more self confidence, and after being at the same company for years he finally took the plunge and accepted his dream job. He has also taken up exercise and has completed a couple of marathons.

Gary, from Stone,  lost weight with LighterLife, a very low calorie diet and unique behaviour change programme. He undertook the LighterLife Total Plan where he substituted conventional food with four high-quality nutritious Foodpacks that provided him with 100% of his RDA.

He also attended weekly sessions at LighterLife Staffordshire West where his trained counsellor, Marie Mellor, used CBT techniques in order to help her identify why he was overeating and help him put strategies in place for the future.