Hospice Care Week raising awareness for Dougie Mac


Hospice Care Week may have come and gone – it’s an annual event held in October to raise awareness about the work of the Hospice Sector within the UK – but Hospice Care is a 365 days a year undertaking.

Dougie Mac organised various events throughout the week, culminating in their Bring a Pound Day on Friday 9th October where companies schools and individuals were asked to bring a pound to help raise invaluable funds for the Hospice.

This year ,the Dougie Mac has been engaged more than ever in community activities to raise awareness of the services the Hospice currently provides , not just at the Hospice but in the Community too.

And in October, the Gazette caught up with Dawn Johnson, a Palliative Care Nurse Specialist in the Community covering the Stone and Blurton area. She joined the Dougie Mac in 2003 and had previously been a District Nurse in Silverdale .

Dawn told the Gazette…

“I feel that joining the Dougie Mac was a natural progression in my career , having been a District Nurse and had always been interested in Palliative Care .
I work closely with 2 GP Surgeries in Stone ,which also includes Barlaston and a surgery in Blurton as well as many other community services to help plan and provide supportive care for the patient with any life limiting illness in their own home.
It is a great privilidge to be allowed into a person’s home and then to be given trust to look after a person who has a life limiting illness. After my initial visit to see the patient, where I might also meet the immediate family , it is the beginning of a very special journey , which is very sensitive and emotional.
I am able to prescribe medication to relieve symptons which enables the patient top maintain their quality of life .
Part of my role is to have difficult and sensitive discussions with the patients and their families to enable them to plan their end of life care.
I really feel my role within the Dougie Mac is so worthwhile. I meet so many lovely patients and their families at a time of their lives which is very emotional for them and I do try to make a difference in ensuring that they receive the very best quality of life for as long as possible .”