Stone’s County Councillor accuses Staffordshire’s CCG’s of wasting £40million a year

Stone County Councillor Philip Jones
Stone County Councillor Philip Jones

On Thursday 8th October at a meeting of Staffordshire County Council during a debate on the proposal by North Staffs CCG (clinical commissioning group) to withdraw hearing aids from people with moderate hearing loss, Stone County Councillor Philip Jones said

“this proposal is both inhumane and unnecessary and will inflict isolation and distress on those with the misfortune to suffer from hearing loss”

He went on to say that in 2014 Staffordshire’s CCG’s paid out £186 million for prescription drugs and suggested that the County

“must be awash with prescription drugs”.

He mentioned the case of a voluntary worker who, every week, took a car boot full of prescription drugs to a care home and every week brought back a car boot full for destruction. Drugs that were unused and out of date and overprescribed. Cllr Jones called on the CCG’s to wean themselves off this addiction to overprescribing and referred to the report last month from NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) that one in four prescription drugs was either unnecessary or ineffective.

Cllr Jones said

“the CCG’s should drop their plan, put their own house in order and stop the waste of £40million which, if used properly, would fund our health and social care system including hearing aids”