Bigger, Brighter and Better – roll on June


With 2016 just around the corner, the Stone Festival committee members have been busy continuing with the preparations for next June’s event. Yes it really does take almost 12 months of work to put on the next years week long extravaganza but with our goal to make it bigger and better, there is no rest for the wicked even if we we have a few mince pies and other festive delights on the way.
So what have we been up to? Well those of you who may have come to the last Farmers Market may well have seen a number of us speaking with you, the public, gauging and understanding your reactions to both this years event and what you might like to see in 2016. The results from all those of you who spoke to us was excellent and your comments are all being taken on board as we plan 2016.
We already have some exciting news to share with you in so far as the musical events will now be 3 events in 2016 starting with the new “Jazz Festival” on or around 20th May and with regards to the Classical Proms and the Pop music orientated Party extravaganza are both going indoors in 2016 so we can all be totally confident about the weather. Final details are being sorted now but the “Proms in the Hall 2016” event will be in the Walton Community Centre (ala our own mini Royal Albert Hall) on we hope Sunday 22nd May in the early evening and the Party will become “Party in the Brewery” due to it being held at Lymestone Brewery on Friday 10th June in the evening. 3 different events covering 3 different music genres!
Throughout the week we will have the same great activities PLUS a number of new ones for which we are hugely excited about.and these will be publicised in future Gazettes.

So what is our call to you, the people of Stone?

Well firstly we would love to gather more of your thoughts about what you would like to see on during the week, Secondly it would be great to see more floats in the parade and our call is to the businesses of Stone to help us make the Carnival procession a real head turning event in its own right with a procession bigger and better than ever before.

Whether that be trucks, cars, motor cycles or indeed the walking floats, lets make 2016 a year to really remember and put all other carnivals locally in the shade.

Our theme for Carnival day is now down to a choice of two and again we will be announcing the chosen one very soon however the feedback from the research tells us that you would like to see a Carnival Day with the feel of a “Good Old Fashioned” Village Show, with even more music, perhaps a Market on the Park, Army events, Dog events, Puppets and Donkey rides for the children and perhaps even Fire Walking and Classic cars for the adults! All in all a totally interactive fun filled park for ALL the family.
Finally you can keep up with all of these developments by a variety of means including visiting our new look web page or come up and speak with us at the next series of Farmers Markets. We want this to be a real highlight for the town of Stone and you its people in 2016 and so far, the event looks bigger, brighter and even more fun filled than ever before.