Love your sausages and your drains


Cumberland, Lincolnshire or just traditional pork? Whatever your favourite sausage Severn Trent is advising Gazette readers to enjoy the tasty treats without getting caught out with a flood in their homes.

Adam Coles, customer relationship lead for Severn Trent, said:

“Sausages are a popular choice with many households, and we know that a lot of our customers love them as much as we do. Although once you’ve served up your sausages, make sure you dispose of cooking oils and fats in the bin and not down the sink, to prevent your pipes becoming blocked.”

Fats, oils and grease may be in liquid form when cooking and when they’re first poured down sinks, but they will quickly solidify when meeting the cold wall of the sewer. This can then stick to the side of the sewer forming a concrete-like solid that attracts other debris, eventually causing a blockage. With no way through, the waste water backs up the system, coming out of drains and sewers in roads or even homes.

Adam continues:

“Pouring any fats or oils down your kitchen sink could cause flooding misery. Blockages mean that waste water can back up in the system, coming out of the drains, sewers, and potentially into your home. Millions of pounds of damage is caused each year as blocked drains cause sewer flooding, over 75 per cent of which is the result of preventable blockages such as fats, oils and grease being poured directly down kitchen sinks.

“Instead we ask that customers bag it, and bin it in containers such as the special ‘fat trap’ that we offer customers for free and are available by calling 0845 603 4413 or visiting”

Any customers running into problems, either with slow drains or a blocked sewer (which is Severn Trent’s responsibility), can report it at or by calling 0800 783 4444.

However, the company advised that it’s the homeowner’s responsibility for the waste pipe running away from the house up until it either crosses the property boundary or joins with another waste pipe or sewer. If a problem occurs on this section of pipe, you will need to call a plumber. Severn Trent has a list of approved plumbers on its website at