Stone Based Librium Games Get Toys R Us USA take on Verti-Go…



LIBRIUM Games Ltd have recently licensed it’s games to The Canadian Group (TCG), who have in turn reached an agreement to supply the 863 US stores owned by Toys R Us.

The games are being branded as ‘Verti-Go’ and are essentially a rework of the popular LIBRIUM Lite+MT games (Tin ‘O’ Librium).

Verti-Go’s new bright colour scheme is aimed at a younger portion of the market from 8 years and includes 32 distinctive new cards that are placed within the game in a colour coordinated fashion.


Steve Howe, MD of LIBRIUM Games Ltd said…

“We are really pleased with final product and ‘stand-out’ packaging of Verti-Go. The playability is slightly different, but not too far removed from the original games to retain the essence of the game concept.
Good first impressions are everything and Verti-Go certainly achieves this in many ways!”

Verti-Go should be hitting US stores this Christmas with a worldwide roll out and line additions planned to launch in a couple of years time.

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