High Sheriff helps Staffordshire police officers prepare for VIP arrivals‏


Serving High Sheriff Johnny Leavesley received the VIP treatment from Staffordshire Police when he was invited as a role player for the Force’s VIP driver training.

Mr Leavesley, who was appointed High Sheriff of Staffordshire in April, was invited by the Force’s Tactical Support Department to assume his VIP role as officers rehearsed their plans for escorting dignitaries and VIPs throughout the county on official visits.

The training saw Mr Leavesley escorted by two police cars and four motorcycle outriders from Stafford through to Uttoxeter and East Midlands Airport before heading to Rocester, Tatenhill Airfield at Needwood and back to Police HQ at Stafford.

Mr Leavesley said:

“I was privileged to be involved in the preparation process and see the intensive training and professionalism that the Tactical Support Team show in moving VIPs safely and swiftly between locations across the county, across all types of road traffic and security situations.

“It is an essential role – not only for the pride of the county as a whole but also for the public’s safety. They do it very well, with minimum disruption to traffic and pedestrians.”

Mr Leavesley, a qualified lawyer and novelist, has embarked on a tour of the county’s courts, prisons and police stations to increase his understanding of local justice. One of his core roles as High Sheriff is to promote community safety and increase awareness of the work taking place locally to make people living in Staffordshire safer.

Recently, Mr Leavesley visited Tamworth Police Station to meet local officers and understand more about policing the busy town centre. He was also a guest at the formal launch of the Staffordshire Victim Gateway – the new support service for victims and witnesses of crime in the county – which was unveiled by Victims’ Commissioner Baroness Newlove in September.