Poorly children and Stone teenager return from dream Disney World holiday


15-year-old Maia Handyside, from Stone, together with 8-year-old George Bould, from Wetley Rocks, and 11-year-old Lucas Christer, from Chesterton, returned home this week after a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney World, in Florida.
Thanks to fundraising support from Caudwell Children, the Staffordshire based national charity that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, the trio visited Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios and Seaworld.
The three were accompanied on the trip by their parents and siblings and they also got the chance to meet John Caudwell, founder of the charity, during their stay.

Caudwell Children created the annual ‘Destination Dreams’ holiday in 2007 to give 25 children with life limiting conditions the opportunity to experience a fully supported dream holiday.

Trudi Beswick Chief Executive of Caudwell Children, said:

“For many families caring for children with terminal or life-threatening conditions, the thought of leaving the protected environment of their home town, and their regular medical support, fills them with dread.
“By providing 24 hour professional medical provision and a team of volunteers, for the duration of the trip, Destination Dreams gives families the chance to create happy holiday memories, often for the first time!
“I would ask the local community to support us so that we can take more children, like Maia, George and Lucas, on the trip next year.”

John Caudwell, entrepreneur and founder of Caudwell Children, said that he is delighted by the impact that the holiday has had on families since its creation. He said:

“The benefits to the children and families is immeasurable. Destination Dreams is so important because it gives families the best time of their lives, where they can enjoy a really fun time together.”

For more information on Destination Dreams visit: www.caudwellchildren.com