Helpers needed at Poplars Farm Riding School



Imagine being taller than your friends and, even better, enjoying the fun and freedom of riding a horse. For many this is a realisable dream but for some it’s more challenging and a little extra help is needed and so Riding for the Disabled came into being. Science has proved that the movements of a horse mirror the movements of the human body so a rider automatically exercises many muscles just by being in the saddle and if you add fun and companionship to the joy of movement, you begin to understand just what RDA aims to bring to those who ride under their care.

Within RDA there’s a firm belief that ‘Its What You Can Do That Counts’ – whether you be a rider or a helper – and in North Staffs RDA we believe that what we DO does count but we need . . .


If you have a couple of hours free around lunch time on Mondays, and would like to be involved, please contact Erica Pinfold on 01785 813510 or email Horsey experience is not essential as we offer training and also apply for the necessary DBS clearance on behalf of volunteers.

North Staffs RDA is based at Poplars Farm Riding School, Meir Heath where we are lucky enough to have the use of wonderful, patient ponies ideal for our purpose. We’re privileged to work with Walton Hall Academy and a number of independent riders from the locality all of whom are inspiring and bring much to our lives; last but by no means least, we have an all important band of helpers who give up their time to make our sessions possible.

Our parent organisation RDA National Office, offers very professional support and structure to all the local groups ensuring that insurance policies and safe guarding protocols are in order and that we comply with their high standards of safety and horse care.

All these are important but for our helpers – and our riders – it’s all about the riding, companionship and laughter that we share during those Monday sessions.