A “Titanic” fundraising effort!

Stella Winsor, from Stone Alzheimer’s drop in club, pictured here receiving a cheque from Michelle

Local fundraising hero Landlady Michelle Hughes inspired her staff and customers to put on a number of events in Titanic’s Royal Exchange in Radford Street, which resulted in raising £300.

Michelle split the amount between the Douglas Macmillan Hospice and the Stone Alzheimer’s drop in club run by Stella Winsor. The club runs on kindness and donations and Stella received the money saying she was very grateful to all concerned.

The drop in club takes place at the Christchurch centre in Stone every Thursday 10-12 noon, Alzheimer sufferer’s and their carers meet others who will be experiencing the many changes that occur during the illness. Stella helps carers and sufferers recognise that Alzheimer’s creates a feeling of being vulnerable as their mental abilities and sense of identity slowly decline.

With the help of her volunteers she provides reassurance and support but makes sure they have fun during the sessions. If you would like more details or would like to help in any way then call Stella 01785 603707.