Dog poop bags scattered along the A34 in-between Meaford Roundabout and Tittensor road



Dear Gazette readers,

I can’t be the only one who has noticed that someone is regularly (a couple of times a month – if not more) dumping large amounts – I’m guessing the size of a big street bin full, of used and full dog poo bags along the A34 in-between Meaford Roundabout and Tittensor road (The Barlaston turn off).

At first I thought maybe the ‘van’ that emptys the dog poo bins was just overloaded and accidentally dropped them. But when I saw this time and time again, I figured its no accident.

Its disgustingly unsightly and equally unnecessary.

I’ve filled out a flytipping form on the council website, but who knows what that will do.

I was hoping the readers of the Gazette could maybe help?

The last time I saw this was yesterday, Sunday 7th February at 2:30pm. It looked like it had happened recently, because usually after a day, they have dispersed along the road and don’t look as ‘fresh’, probably due to the high traffic flow.

I’d be really grateful if you could do anything, or pass me onto someone who could or even tell me if anyone else has ever mentioned this, I CANT be the only one?

With thanks

Sonia Ogunkoya


If anyone has any information or photographic evidence of anyone flytipping you can contact