“Freshers” vacancies at Stone & District U3A

Getting Crafty at U3A!
Getting Crafty at U3A!

Despite having more than 55 activities available to over a thousand participants, Stone U3A is still looking to expand.

Adele Leigh is hoping to start a Folk Band for those capable of ‘jamming’ on a range of instruments such as guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, washboard, accordion, violin, drums etc. Players would need their own instrument and the intention is to play a wide range of lively music such as skiffle, folk, blues, country or rockabilly.

It is proposed that sessions will start with simple to play tunes in three easy keys (GCD) so that anyone who knows the chords could join in and then hopefully the group could progress together. For more information or to express interest, contact Adele on 01785 615388.
Continuing the musical theme, Group Leader Roy Ford advises that the Guitar group presently has room for a few new members. Players of all ability are welcome to join; meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays at Stone Tennis Club at 11.30am. If you think that this is for you, give Roy a call on 01782 643899 for more information.

Reading Matters

There are currently three different U3A reading groups, each with its own individual flavour and all with space for new members. The longest-established group gathers on the 3rd Mon-day of each month at 2pm in the Meakin Annexe at Oulton Village Hall. Avoiding the ‘ex-tremes’ of blockbusters/chicklit and Tolstoy/Proust, recent focus has included titles such as “The Finkler Question”, “To Kill a Mockingbird” & “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Detective fiction and favourite childhood books have also featured. Anyone interested should contact Annabel Evans on 01785-748453 or at annabel.bruce@gmail.com

The Evening Book Group, led by Patrick Imrie (tel:01785-819703), is held once a month either on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening at a different group member’s house each time – the books on the reading list are suggested by members, and the list drawn up a few months in advance. Members read the current book and come prepared to talk about it – last month the group was immersed in Tom Rob Smith’s “The Farm” (psychosis and strange goings-on in rural Sweden), and this month it’s Rose Tremain’s “The Colour”, a story of how hard life was for European immigrants to New Zealand in the nineteenth century, and the gold-fever that gripped some of them (the ‘colour’ is the glint of gold).

The ‘Talking Books’ Group, led by Michael McConville, meets weekly on Monday mornings at Walton Community Centre. The group is currently reading and discussing – a chapter at a time – Norman Doidge’s “The Brain that Changes Itself”, on brain research and case studies which show that incorporating new skills and information into the brain all through life is so important for health. Michael can be contacted on 01785-251632.

Other Vacancies

Another recently formed group with space for new members is Paper Craft with Beryl Daw. If you enjoy card making and paper crafts and would like to meet up with others to get new ideas and share your knowledge, this group gets together fortnightly on alternate Monday nights at Walton Community Centre from 7pm. Give Beryl a ring on 01785-603765 for more information.

For full details of all groups mentioned—or indeed to read about the complete range of activities—please phone Chairman Gywnyth Hart on 01782-633179 or visit the website, www.stoneu3a.btck.co.uk