St John Ambulance are looking for new members in Stone


St John Ambulance is a well-known first aid provider nationwide. At many events that you go to, from football matches and music shows to village fetes and local parades, they will be there, on hand to give any vital aid when it is needed.
Most people that go to these things will know of times when that quick response was needed. What many take for granted, and what some don’t even realise, is that the paramedics on-hand to treat you, free of charge, are all voluntary. You might have been there when someone fell, or the parent of a child that was hurt. You may even have been the person that was having a bandage placed around their leg, wincing every few seconds.


St John Ambulance train people from the age of only seven; the people that you see on the front line may have been committed since then. The cadets and adults unit of Stone, Staffordshire, consists of only ten people altogether, with five cadets. Stone, being the main town for a lot of surrounding villages, has a lot of events for the cadet branch to be responsible first aiders for.

But with busy adult members, cadets off to university, training not yet finished, there are a lot of fall-backs when looking for members of the branch to do some duties.

Stoke and Stafford have branches with lots of people to cover all of the events that they do, but Stone is in need of urgent help. So, for all those people that have been treated by the organisation. For all the people who take their work for granted. For all the people who want to learn first aid and make a difference, why not come along and give it a try?


The Stone unit assemble every Thursday evening at the Frank Jordan community centre on Lichfield Road, from seven o’clock until eight for anyone from the age of seven upwards. This would be ideal for juniors willing to learn essential first aid skills that could one day save a life if you live in or around Stone. More members could join their local units.

More details can be found at where contact details can be found for any unit.

St John meet at the Frank Jordan Centre on Lichfield Road, from 7pm to 8pm on Thursday evenings. You can contact the unit corporal on 07825 554574.