Stone Music Festival 2016 – Saturday 16th July

Ben Owen and Tony Hollinshead

There will be live music in Market Square from 11am until 9 pm at Stone’s Music Festival on Saturday 16th July.

Up to 6 pm, performers from Stone’s Young Musicians Collective will entertain the crowds, followed by a line-up of local bands (names to be announced.)

The Collective was set up by Tony Hollinshead and Ben Owen three years ago to give young people the chance to play live, meet other young musicians and gain experience and confidence. A Young Musicians Showcase where young people perform to an audience is held at Costa in Stone High Street on the first Sunday of each month from 4pm to 6pm.

In July they will have a much larger platform on which to perform.

Tony said:

“The Young Musicians Collective is delighted to have been invited by Stone Town Council to take part in the summer music event. It’s another great opportunity for upcoming young musicians to play in a different environment and builds on the experiences we are trying to create through our Young Musicians Showcase sessions.”

The event is being organised and funded by Stone Town Council.

“This is a youth-focussed event which complements the more mainstream music festivals which have proved so popular in Stone in recent years,”

Cllr Jill Hood told the Gazette.

If you’re a young musician and would like to be involved, you can connect with Tony and Ben through the Young Musicians Collective Facebook page