2nd Stone Brownies sponsored silence


2nd Stone Brownies and Guiders all remained silent for 20 minutes at their meeting on March 15th which was indeed rather a challenge for most of them.

The  Families and Friends who sponsored them thought their money was safe as it seemed an impossible challenge!!

Brown Owl Helen Whetnall said thankfully we have currently raised at least £450 for the Charity Meningitis NOW, and the Brownie Funds.

Girl guiding throughout Great Britain is working with Meningitis NOW to raise awareness of this often devastating disease.

Martin and Elaine Robinson came along to talk to the Brownies as Martin had experienced Meningitis as an adult.

They verified the silence of 20 minutes which was carried out without interruption.

Thanks were expressed to all who have so far sponsored 2nd Stone Brownies, it is very much appreciated.

For further enquiries about 2nd Stone Brownies and Guiders please call Helen on 01785 819752.