A Bad Penny always turns up! – Saturday 23rd April


“It’s 1964 and the sleepy village of Nether Claybourne (not unlike Oulton) is about to experience it’s first major change for fifty years. This comes initially in the guise of a modern-thinking vicar, Rev Martin Braithwaite who embraces the burgeoning youth culture of the 1960s.

Then Micky Greenaway, the manager of up-and-coming pop group “The Bad Pennies”  takes on the lease of Claybourne Hall, so that he and the band can “get-it-together in the country”. How will the good residents of Claybourne cope when modern life comes crashing in on their rural idyll?

How will Mrs Allenby-Croft, self appointed guardian of traditional values, prevent the village turning into the den of iniquity she fears? How will Nelly Drake persuade her wayward son not to be led further astray by the new arrivals?”


This is a welcome return to Oulton Village Hall for Day-Star Theatre who weave a comic and thought -provoking tale of one small rural community coming to terms with great social change.

The production is on Saturday 23rd April at 8.00 p.m and tickets are available now at £8.50 from Chris Whalley on 01785 813377.