Fishing closed season is now in force at Doxey Marshes


Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is reminding people thinking of going fishing at Doxey Marshes that the Trust maintains a closed season to protect fish from disturbance during the spawning season.

The closed season got underway this week and runs until June 15th at the nature reserve in Stafford, which is managed by the Trust.

Jeff Sim, Land Management Team Co-Ordinator for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said:

“It is very important to maintain a closed season as the site is a nature reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest and this undisturbed three months allows fish numbers to replenish naturally.
Having a period of three months where no fishing is allowed means there is an uninterrupted spawning period which increases spawning success, in addition to providing wider environmental benefits.”

The new season will commence on June 16th, and fishing permits will be available to purchase online from the Trust at

Numbers of permits are strictly regulated by the Government conservation body Natural England and the Environment Agency.