FREE microchipping to keep dog owners on right side of law


Time is running out for dog owners in Stafford Borough to get their pets microchipped before a new law comes into force next month.

But Stafford Borough Council is offering vouchers to 200 people, which will entitle them to have their dogs chipped for free.

In just over three weeks all dogs must be microchipped by law. Owners whose pets aren’t chipped face being served a notice by the Council requiring them to do so. And they could end up with a £500 court fine if they fail to act.

It is hoped the new law coming in on 6 April will mean stray dogs are reunited with their owners more quickly – saving the council a chunk of the annual £15,000 kennel cost bill.

The existing law requires all dogs to have a collar and tag identifying their owner in case they become a stray, but last year almost 200 strays were reported in the borough and only a quarter of these had a collar and tag.

The microchipping vouchers can be redeemed at The Island Veterinary Associates at both their Stafford and Stone clinics. People just need to complete the details on the back of the voucher, make an appointment and take some form of identification to prove they live in Stafford Borough.

Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, said:

“I would encourage dog owners throughout the borough whose pets aren’t chipped to take advantage of this initiative as well as ensuring all dogs wear a collar and tag.

“This not only makes the reuniting process much easier and less stressful for both owner and animal but it will soon be required by law.”

The Council offered special vouchers entitling owners to have their dogs chipped for free last year.

The vouchers are available to the first 200 people who come forward. To receive one call 01785 619402 or email