On 5th February, a group of eighteen friends enjoyed an informal lunch at the Oak Leaf Tea Room at Oak Tree Farm in Hilderstone, where they received a warm welcome. As volunteers in the Women’s Section  of the Stone branch of the Royal British Legion the ladies had gathered to celebrate 25 years of the Section’s time in Stone.
Also attending that day were three out of the five original founder members:- the present Women’s Section Chairman Jennie Cumming, with President – Councillor Joyce Farnham MBE, and Treasurer Olive Munden.  They were joined by their highly regarded Secretary Ann Sproston.  Many happy memories were recalled during the afternoon. A special cake topped with an iced replica of the Women’s Section badge was provided by one of the talented members. Past fundraising events were remembered with pleasure, and the final results of those occasions mentioned with pride, including last year’s amazing £31,000+ raised for the Poppy Appeal during the Remembrance period in November.
Not only did the representative group on 5th February enjoy each other’s company they also spoke of the loyalty of all the other women in the 40-strong Stone branch group who, as volunteers, always gave unstintingly of their time and effort, throughout every year – sometimes in all sorts of weather conditions when attending outdoor events! Also other local people and groups often joined in, giving tremendous support and friendship during fund raising times, and this was a source of great pleasure for the Stone ladies. During the afternoon they enjoyed a flower quiz which was in recognition of the famous British Legion poppy.

The Women’s Section will hold their next monthly meeting on April 5th at 2pm, in their new venue of Stone Fire Station’s meeting room.


In February, the Women’s Section of the Stone branch of the RBL celebrated 25 years since they reformed in 1991.  Eighteen of the 40-strong membership were able to attend an informal lunch at the Oak Tree Farm’s Oak Leaf Café where the staff gave them all a warm welcome. Included in their number were three of the original founder members. Many of the ladies of the Women’s Section have been friends over the years and reminisced about events which have taken place during that time. They were proud to acknowledge that in 2015 (as in previous years) fund raising for the Royal British Legion continued throughout the year. For the annual Poppy Appeal at the time of Remembrance in November, with support of many people and groups in the Stone area, over £31,000 was raised due to the generosity of local people.

The next meeting of the Women’s Section will be in April when future events will be discussed.