STOKE AUDI GOES POP – Former pop star is Worlds Apart!

Aaron ‘Cal’ Cooper – Former member of 90’s boy-band Worlds Apart


Former pop star, Aaron ‘Cal’ Cooper, has joined local car dealership Stoke Audi. The talented ex boy-band member has been in the motor trade for over 10 years and loves his second career as much as his first.

Aaron, aka, ‘Cal’, explained,

“Being a popstar is great, as a member of Worlds Apart, I travelled the globe and racked up platinum selling albums, but, sooner or later you have to get a proper job! In the ten years I’ve been in the motor trade I’ve learnt such a lot and managed to sell a few cars too; in fact I once sold seven cars in a day”.

The Used Car Sales Manager brings a wealth of experience to his new role at Stoke Audi, which includes, being one of the few people to have ever sold one of the world’s most expensive cars, the Lamborghini Aventador for almost a quarter of a million pounds.

“I think being an entertainer has helped me in my sales role; I want to make sure that anyone who buys a car from me has a fantastic experience and so far, so good”, added Aaron.

The Stoke Audi centre was recently awarded No.2 Audi centre in the UK, based on its overall performance, so, Aaron should feel right at home, riding high in the charts.