The team at Stoke Audi
The team at Stoke Audi

Stoke City next door neighbours, Stoke Audi, have beaten their noisier neighbours coming in at number 2 in the Audi dealership league, which covers all 116 Audi centres in the UK.

The league doesn’t just measure cars sold, but more importantly weighs customer satisfaction above all else, showing that Stoke Audi consistently delivers its customer are great experience.

Delighted Head of Business, Philip Jones, commented,

“What a brilliant result for the Stoke Audi team; we deal with thousands of customers over a year, so to come second in the UK is a real testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, day in and day out”.

“Here at Stoke Audi we have a team of over eighty people dedicated to giving our customers excellence in every area, from valeting their cars, to handing-over an Audi R8 Spyder with a price tag of over £100,000”, added Philip, “We ensure we put the same effort and enthusiasm to everything we do and this has clearly been reflected in not only our number two in the UK award but also in the centre winning the Audi area award.”

The Stoke Audi centre is in the Audi area which covers the North West and West Midlands and the site won a second award for coming first in their area. The site is owned and operated by North West based, family owned and run Swansway Group and this is the lat4stest in a clutch of awards won be dealerships across the group.

Stoke City fan, Philip, had the last word, adding

“Now we just need our neighbours to catch up with us and everything will be perfect”!