Vandalism at Izaac Walton’s cottage?


Dear Sirs,
An unspeakable act of vandalism is being perpetrated on Izaac Walton’s cottage at Shallowford!

Some misguided being has commissioned the erection of a twee modern garden wall around the building, constructed in, of all things, artificial, reconstituted yellow ‘stone’. What an eyesore! It would be difficult to image anything more inappropriate, offensive and downright ugly.

What, in the name of conservation, is that about? If a private owner of a listed building wanted to do this, I sure it wouldn’t be allowed. Izaac must be turning in his grave!

Moreover, I thought the council was having to spend scarce resources carefully in these hard times – where did they find the money to waste on this? Please get rid of it. If the money is a problem, I’ll willingly come along with my lump hammer and demolish it free of charge!

Yours, Peter Thompson,

The Paddock, Eccleshall