Walking for Walton Hall



A letter from Mandi Woolwytch Neary:

Hello there!

I’m trying to raise money to upgrade the play facilities at my son’s school.

Walton Hall Academy is a special needs school for children aged 11 to 19 with a huge range of complex needs and disabilities.

Our playground equipment has had to be demolished as it was old, tatty and no longer fit for purpose. Play is a hugely important part of developing social and physical skills for our children.

The children and staff  have decided to undertake a sponsored event.
We are going to walk,run,cycle and row from Lands End to John O’Groats!
We will be doing this from the relative comfort of the school gym 😉

The kids at our school really are the most wonderful despite the problems life has thrown in their way.

Help me to bring a huge smile to their faces by donating what you can.

Thank YOU 🙂

Mandi Woolwytch Neary

If you can donate to this worthy cause please visit