Barlaston Herons WI visit the Keele Observatory.

Photo taken by one of the group
Photo taken by one of the group

What an interesting evening!

37 women from the Barlaston Herons WI descended upon the Keele Observatory for an up close view of the moon and Jupiter. It was all very exciting as the women took turns in enjoying the mix of modern technology and the power of the Grubb Refractor telescope first hand. The views of the moon and Jupiter were spectacular! The viewing was further enhanced by the guides and their expert knowledge.

The ladies then had the pleasure of a fascinating presentation (with home baked biscuits of course!) on the power of telescopes and the history of the Earth and solar system accompanied by stunning photographs.

The Keele Observatory has housed the fantastic Grubb Refractor telescope since 1962 but it has been in action since 1874 and started life at the University of Oxford. Keele delicately refurbished and moved it to their Obsevatory. Exciting expansions and additions have taken place since the Grubb Refractor telescope was installed and the enjoyment and education continue. The Keele Observatory is free to visit Tuesdays 8-10pm and Saturdays 1-3pm and is well worth a visit.

Barlaston Herons always welcome new members, you can visit up to three times before committing, so why not give it a try and see what they are up to? Check out their website or pop along to the next meeting on Wednesday 18th May at the Barlaston Methodist Hall at 7:30pm where they will be having a go at Tai Chi.