Do you know a Dinosaur Fan? 28th May


Children will have the chance to meet a real ‘live’ dinosaur at the Guildhall Shopping Centre next month!

Tiny the Stegosaurus will be visiting the centre on the Dinosaur Experience Day on Saturday 28th May, and children will be able to get up close and personal, and learn more about dinosaurs and why they disappeared.

Tiny will be appearing in three 25 minute shows on 28th May – 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm.


Alongside that there will be free activities like face painting, dino tattoos, a craft station with colouring sheets, masks and stickers, and the chance to win a cuddly stegosaurus in the Name the Dinosaur competition!

The centre’s Marketing Manager Anne Graham said:

“Tiny is a 125 million year old dinosaur brought to life by the wonders of modern science.
You can pet her, you can feed her, you can talk to her in dinosaur language; just make sure you avoid the dreaded Thagomizer or you might end up extinct yourself!”