Do something wild this June – registration for 30 Days Wild is now open!


From heading outside and listening to bird song, exploring a local nature reserve or even hugging a tree, people across Staffordshire are being invited to make room for nature and do something wild every day this June.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is inviting people across the county to take part in 30 Days Wild, an initiative challenging individuals, friends and families to sign up for a pack full of encouragement and ideas to get people engaging with nature throughout the whole of June.

The challenge involves people doing something nature related each day during June.

Challenges can be as simple as feeling the grass between your toes, planting wildflowers in your garden, reading your favourite nature book or downloading a phone app to tell the difference between different bird calls.

Jon Owen, Assistant Communications Officer for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said:

“30 Days Wild aims to get as many people as close to nature as possible.

“During our busy lives, it is difficult sometimes to take a step back and look at the world around us.

“One of the best things about the challenge is if you do miss a day, you can just pick it up the following day and go from there.”

More than 18,500 people took part in The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild challenge last year, committing around 300,000 ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ – different ways to connect with, experience and take action for nature.

Lucy McRobert, The Wildlife Trusts’ Nature Matters campaigns manager, said:

“Last year, thousands of people undertook Random Acts of Wildness everywhere, from the centre of London to the Outer Hebrides.

“People let their lawns grow wild, adults danced in the rain and made nature cocktails while families created wild works of art, went star-gazing and created homes for wildlife in their gardens.

“Even people at work found time for wildlife, by taking meetings outside in the sun and transforming work spaces into wildlife habitats. “

The 30 Days Wild initiative was launched to help ensure people give themselves some time with nature and do something wild every day in June.

An impact study, by the University of Derby, of 30 Days Wild last year, revealed sustained increases in participants’ happiness, health, connection to nature and positive environmental behaviours, such as feeding the birds or growing flowers for pollinators like bees.

People can join in on social media using #30DaysWild and #MyWildLife and a 30 Days Wild Facebook Group.

Registration is now open to sign up for a pack full of ideas and encouragement for 30 Days Wild.

People can do so by visiting