Stone Soapbox Derby Race 8th June – An Update

Could we get to see these hurtling through our town?  We hope so!

We are delighted to inform you that Elliott of Stone Flipout Trampoline arena has kindly agreed to sponsor the race and Claire Bassett of Bassetts of Tittensor has kindly donated the 18 tonne Curtain sided Truck from which you will start down a ramp built by Steve Hickman of St Dominics Priory School.

We are also hoping to be indebted to the local farmers of our local region as organised through the Young Farmers in the location and provision of hay and straw bales down the course.

Without these people and their generosity, the event would be a much tamer and less thrilling event affair.



We still have a few spaces left so if you have friends or colleagues who also wish to enter, then if they can contact me asap then i am sure we can get these last few places filled as we dearly want to have a full 40 off start list.



The Race will be run as follows:
1 – All Soapboxes need to be inspected BEFORE your start time by our scrutineer and we are expecting this to be undertaken in the Council Offices car park just up past Granvilles on the left (Signs will be out) and this is not to be draconian and be very prescriptive but more around safety and your own well being as we want you all to have 100% fun and pleasure with no injuries or issues. When you go up for the inspection please ensure that your driver also takes his / her helmet please just so we can make sure you are suitably covered with head protection.

2 – Once inspected you will all be given a wrist band each and asked to proceed to the signing on desk which will be located at the top of the High Street beneath a Stone Festival Gazebo near Lloyds Bank, where you need to sign on please prior to then eating ready to be called to the start line at the appropriate time/

3 – The first soapbox will be called to be ready at 7.01pm promptly HOWEVER please remember that you will be introduced to the crowd and then you will be given 30 seconds (not a second more!) to move the crowd to wild raptures with your fun filled introduction whether that be song, dance, fooling around or whatever you deem acceptable but please be aware children are in the audience and this is a family event!

At the end of your 30 seconds, the 4 judges will give you your score out of a maximum of 40 (10 points per judge) and the compare will announce this to the audience. The MAXIMUM score is 40 points for the most elaborate, fun filled, entertaining performance and whatever score you receive, it shall be taken AWAY from the maximum permissible score and that shortfall will be ADDED to your tie for the course.

So if you score 30 points for your entertainment value then your team will have 10 seconds added to your time. This way it should encourage greater fun and entertainment as well as speedy Soapboxes.

4 – Once you have you score, you will be counted down as your driver sits in at the ready. Your two pushers shall push the soapbox down the ramp on the word “Go” and you will have approximately 20 metres further (Up to the lamppost on the left outside the Opticians) where they can continue to give you a last push – once you’ve gone over the line across the course at the Lamppost – no other pushing is allowed but if you crash then your two running helpers can help you get back on track again and a push to get moving . 🙂

5 – There will be a small jump and chicane further down the High Street before finishing outside St Katherine House Hospice.

6 – Down the Course there will be Marshalls for any issues

7 – At the bottom of the High Street once stopped, you will be asked to turn LEFT and down past Oakcakes n Milkshakes and then back up Crown Street so you then come back into the Market Square next to the Library. (This will be signed so you won’t go wrong.)

8 – No Soapbox will be allowed to start until we know the course is clear of the previous Soapbox for everyones safety.

9 – Market Square will have the results Board, the Podium and where we would like you to park your Soapboxes so that the public , friends, family etc may have a chance to come over and have a natter oat race.

10 – Once the last Soapbox has finished we will then calculate out the times for each competitor and then award the prizes for the categories and other prizes like Best dressed Soapbox etc. (More details later)

Overall everyone, its going to be a truly great and memorable event – one I hope that will be repeated in years to come, bringing people form all over Staffordshire into Stone and sampling the wonderful atmosphere our town generates.

Happy days and nights soapbox building everyone!