Everything is in place for this year’s Best Kept Village Competition. Entries from villages have been received and documented, the judging teams have been organised and villages will have finalised their arrangements for keeping their villages tidy through the judging period.

John Perry, MBE, Chairman of the Best Kept Village Working Group, which organises the BKV competition on behalf of the Community Council of Staffordshire said:

“We have held the Judges’ Meeting and set up the judging teams for the 1st and 2nd rounds of judging. This meeting gives us a chance to clarify a few minor changes to how we will mark BKV this year, to brief judges and give them the chance to discuss marking in general. Our aim is to achieve fair and consistent judging of all the villages which have entered BKV to match the commitment and hard work which villages have already put in and will continue to do so throughout the next few months.”


Fifty-four villages have entered this year, which is just a bit down on 2015. Stonnall has re-entered BKV after an absence of several years and Tutbury, which has entered every year but one since 1956, has entered again. The quality of the entries looks very good overall and it is obvious that villages have already put in a lot of hard work before the judging begins. There is bound to be close competition for top honours in 2016, but BKV is not all about winning the competition. Many villages probably feel that they don’t have a realistic chance of winning at Area or County level. Nevertheless, they will be determined to do their very best and to achieve a really high level of care and maintenance throughout their village this year.

The judges are out and about!
The judges are out and about!



Many villagers throughout Staffordshire are very proud of where they live and will put in time and effort to ensure that their village is as clean and tidy as possible, that there is no litter or dog mess to be seen, that churchyards, open spaces large and small, pub surrounds and play areas are all well looked after; and front gardens are cared for.

The first and second rounds of judging take place throughout May and June. The three Best Large and the three Best Small villages in the five areas of the county will then be judged again in early July. Then the Best Large and Small villages will be judges again in the County Finals in late July and the overall winners will be revealed. The results of the BKV competition will be announced at the now traditional Presentation Evening on 1st August.


John Perry said:

“You are bound to see plenty of activity throughout the BKV villages over the next three months or so. People will be doing regular litter picks, groups will be working in churchyards and small open spaces, and others will be keeping noticeboards, BKV posters and children’s poster displays up to scratch. In short, a great deal of work will be going on to keep village environments up to scratch. They will all be putting in that bit more effort than they might do throughout the rest of the year to make sure that their particular village looks as well as it can.”

There will also be children’s poster and poetry competitions for the 5-7 and 8-11 age groups. The In Remembrance competition for older children and teenagers will also be held again and their will be a photographic and painting competition on the theme of “The Spirit of BKV” for over 18s, again sponsored by David and Jim Owen, Sons of the “founder” of BKV, Sir Alfred Owen. There will be a separate presentation evening for these complementary competitions in early September.