Generally there is enough to worry about when you are in business to keep you awake at night.
Throw in some domestic issues that are likely to happen from time to time and life can seem very unfair.

How we cope with these situations vary for each of us but very often the strategy followed can be very destructive.
Drink, drugs, violence and many other ‘ways of coping’ are employed and they can all hurt.

A strategy that at first might be more painful but not in the long run is suggested by Samaritans and that is talking about the thing(s) that are on your mind.

There will be more than one issue and looking at each one in isolation is helped when talking to somebody that is listening.

As ever, Samaritans are available every minute of every day and night to listen, in complete confidence, to feelings of despair and if talking on the phone is seen as a problem then maybe an email to might be the first step in expressing your problems rather than turning to other, more destructive, coping strategies.

Telephone; 01785 243333/116 123 – free

Alan Alecock Deputy Director outreach