First peregrine eggs spotted at Trust’s Roaches nature reserve


A female peregrine has finally laid her first clutch of eggs at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s Roaches nature reserve.

A peregrine pair, believed to be new visitors to The Roaches, near Leek, have been nesting at the site since March.

The pair have been closely monitored by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s Peregrine Watch scheme, which was set up to help the Trust’s wardens protect the birds from disturbance and also to help members of the public learn more about them and get a glimpse through a telescope.

It was looking unlikely that the female peregrine had laid eggs this year, as they usually do so during April.

Peregrine Watch volunteers will now keep a close eye on the pair, who are inexperienced at rearing chicks and will need plenty of luck to do so.

The eggs were first spotted by Peregrine Watch volunteer, Neil Thorneycroft. He said:

“I must admit, I breathed a big sigh of relief when I found out the female peregrine had laid eggs. It is great news at last – even though they are late by almost one month.

“It gives us dedicated watchers more time to keep an eye on the peregrine’s progress and enjoy the other amazing wildlife from this fantastic nature reserve.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we see some chicks over the next two weeks.”

Volunteers who are part of Peregrine Watch are asked to commit whatever time they can to keep an eye on the nest and encourage visitors to discover and learn more about the amazing birds.

Anyone interested in the Peregrine Watch scheme should email Roaches Warden, Jon Rowe – or call 01538 300686.