Are you keen to make a splash in the water industry? 80 brand new apprentices this year


FTSE 100, Midlands based company, Severn Trent, has announced it’s recruiting 80 brand new apprentices this year – the largest number the company has recruited to date.

With places available across the whole business, in various engineering, customer relations and digital roles, the company is keen to recruit apprentices who are thirsty for knowledge of Severn Trent and want a chance to make a splash with a career in the water industry.

Amy Barber, new talent and development manager at Severn Trent, comments:

“We’re offering up to 80 places this year, which is the most we’ve ever taken on. And this year we’re offering some of those places at degree level, as well as advanced and higher level apprenticeships. With the water industry changing so much over the next few years, it really is an exciting time to join the company. The development scheme offers a chance for people either entering the world of work or looking for a new career path to learn, while earning at the same time.”

Last year the company recruited 28 new apprentices, so it’s offering 52 more places this year, as Amy explains:

“Not only are we offering up to 52 extra places this year, we’ve also given our apprentice scheme a boost – our new joiners will have visibility across the business – right from the start. Working across our region with experts, other apprentices and graduates, adapting quickly to the pace and scale of what we do – they’ll have the chance to make an impact. We hope in years to come, our apprentices will become experts in their field and have the scale of knowledge to become leaders of the future.”

Third year apprentice at Severn Trent, 21 year old Hannah Black
Third year apprentice at Severn Trent, 21 year old Hannah Black

In her third year as an apprentice at Severn Trent, 21 year old Hannah Black, explains what it’s like to be part of the company:

“Working at Scunthorpe sewage treatment works as a maintenance apprentice means that no two days are the same. I find the water industry really interesting, you constantly have to react to new challenges and changes in the treatment process on a daily basis.

“I absolutely love the concept of learning while earning, so an apprenticeship just seemed ideal. I’m over half-way through my apprenticeship and I’ve already had the chance to learn about so many different areas of the business. When I started, I was surprised by the scale of the company. It was a little scary at first, as it’s a big step up from school to work, but everyone was so supportive that I didn’t feel like I was in over my head. My role in maintenance is all about problem-solving and making sure that everything is in working order so that people in operations can do their jobs. I’d really recommend Severn Trent and its apprenticeship scheme.”

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