Waves of Turf Stun at Chelsea Flower Show‏


Award-winning garden designer John Warland is set to stun at Chelsea Flower Show with a spectacular garden featuring waves of turf.

John, who is the designer behind the Queen’s Coronation Arch at Windsor Castle, took the unpredictability of life as his starting point, to create a stunning, and thought-provoking, horticultural installation for children’s charity, World Vision.

The garden that is inspired by the vulnerability of children, especially those surviving in extreme places, features ribbons of grass rising up to two meters. The grass is molded over mild steel so that it appears as if it has just been peeled from the earth. The natural rustiness of the metal helps create the illusion that you are looking at the earthy underside of the turf.

The garden also includes large pyrus chanticleer trees and densely planted orange tulips and springtime anemones to provoke, says John, “uplifting hope for uncertain times.”

John, who was inspired by the charity’s work in Sierra Leone throughout the Ebola crisis, explains that the ribbons of turf reflect the community and family links World Vision forges through their work.

“One ribbon alone is relatively weak, but as a chain it takes on a whole new strength,”

he says.

“The traumatic events of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone are a good example of how a fragmented society torn apart by disease and fear can be slowly woven into a strong and coherent community once more.”