Defibrillators installed in parks


Lifesaving defibrillators have been installed at three parks in Stafford Borough.

The equipment, which is there for anyone to use on someone in cardiac arrest, has been installed at Victoria Park and Rowley Park Sports Stadium in Stafford, as well as Stonefield Park in Stone.

Housed in a yellow box, the defibrillator at Victoria Park has been installed at the toilet block by the aviary.
At Rowley Park Sports Stadium it is situated by the entrance to the function room.

In Stonefield Park it is on the pavilion near to the main gate off Field Terrace.

Fitting a defibrillator and housing unit costs around £2,000.

The defibrillators at Rowley Park and Stonefield Park have been paid for by Stafford Borough Council. Meanwhile, the one at Victoria Park was donated by former Mayor, Councillor Peter Jones, who also donated a defibrillator and housing unit situated outside the Civic Centre offices.

Councillor Mike Smith, Cabinet Member for Leisure at Stafford Borough Council, said:

“These are vital pieces of equipment. Having access to them can mean the difference between life and death so, as far as I’m concerned, the more places that can accommodate them the better.”

In an emergency people phone 999 and the ambulance service will give them the code to open the box housing the defibrillator.

An ambulance is then despatched and the operator provides guidance on what to do. This is all explained on the front of the box.