Target Windows has opened the door to a new customer buying experience with the introduction of innovative Virtual Reality Showroom goggles and app, developed by renowned suppliers, ULTRAFRAME.

“Visualising a new conservatory can be difficult for a homeowner, but things are about to get much easier for Target Windows’ customers following the Staffordshire-based home improvement firm’s investment in a solution that enables consumers to virtually experience products in store or at home.
Used in conjunction with Ultraframe’s U-Design app, the Virtual Reality Showroom goggles enable the user to ‘virtually step inside a number of extension systems and feel the difference between them”, according to Ultraframe’s Digital Marketing Manager, Adam Wilde.

He continues,

“We recognise that extending a home is a huge decision, so making the right choice about what’s right for the property is essential. The Virtual Reality Showroom really does bring the Ultraframe range to life, and enables the homeowner to make a more informed choice.”


Kelly Tune, Target Windows Sales Manager said;

“We believe that customer expectations are changing. With the incorporation of digital technologies becoming more and more apparent in people’s day-to-day lives, we have decided to stay ahead of the game by using technologically advanced methods to enhance the customer experience here at Target.”

The Virtual Reality goggles contain polarised lenses which show two images, one per eye. The resulting three dimensional images give an illusion of depth of perception, enabling users to view a building from different angles, and walk through or around it.

To experience the Virtual Reality Showroom technology, visit Target Windows’ Stone showroom, or call 01785-811558 (option 1), to arrange a visit.