Stone Councillor calls for same deal as Stafford

Still room in the market?  Cllr Jill Hood in Stone Market Square
Cllr Jill Hood in Stone Market Square

Stone Councillor Mrs Jill Hood has recently called for Stafford Borough Council to extend a scheme set for Stafford businesses to be also offered to new start up businesses  in Stone.

Councillor Mrs Jill Hood said

“We have recently seen in the media including regional TV stating that Stafford Borough Council has announced the decision to make new businesses exempt from paying rates to Stafford Borough Council with the aim to encourage new trade to the town. Under the initiative one hundred percent discount on business rates for up to a period of twelve months or a £10,000 contribution towards business rates (whichever is the lower) will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Stone would benefit hugely from the same scheme which would encourage new business into the town therefore creating a knock on effect to other established shops and businesses in Stone with a more vibrant town. I ask my fellow Councillors to request that Stafford Borough Council extends the same scheme to Stone.”